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Success Begins With Sight

Myopia is a growing concern for children around the world and it’s on the rise in the United States. More than 40% of Americans currently have myopia and more children are diagnosed daily.

Also known as nearsightedness, myopia makes objects in the distance appear blurry while close-up items remain in focus.

Children’s eye exams are very important—roughly 75% of children with myopia received a diagnosis before the age of 12. Catching the condition early on can help us control it, setting your child up for success in the future.

There is no cure for myopia, but we can slow its progression and make things a little easier for your child. Book their appointment to test for myopia today!

There is no cure for myopia, but we can slow or stop it’s progression with treatment and make things a little easier for your child. Here is a list of just a few treatment options!

Specialty Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact are available in a wide range of lenses. From standard, readymade lenses to extended range lenses and numerous daily disposable contact lenses, we’ve got something for every patients needs.



Orthokeratology, or ortho-k, is the use of specially contact lenses to reshape the cornea in order to improve vision. Similar to braces, but for your eyes, the treatment is often compared to Orthodontistry. Ortho-k lenses are most often worn at night, and help to reshape the front surface of the eye while you sleep. Vision improvements are reversible but can be maintained if you keep wearing the lenses as directed.

Atropine medicated eye drops have many uses, including dilation of the pupil before eye exams, and the treatment of common eye conditions like amblyopia (lazy eyes),  cycloplegia, and myopia. No matter the aliment Bluebird Vision and Wellness has the expertise, to get your eye sight back on track!

Why Myopia Control Matters

Proper eyesight is important for learning. Children might struggle to see in school, or have a difficult time reading and writing as a result of poor vision. They may also be slow to develop social behaviors and could be misdiagnosed with behavioral problems.

Language and speech development may also be impacted by myopia. Children learn to speak by watching facial expressions and seeing lips move, so their sight really is a key component.

Severe myopia can also lead to more serious conditions later on. The risk of retinal detachment, cataracts, and open-angle glaucoma are all increased in people with high myopia.

Corrective lenses are needed for good vision people with myopia. But, early identification of myopia can help to control the condition and slow its progression.

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Causes of Myopia

Myopia is a refractive error that develops during childhood and throughout the teenage years. Vision usually stabilizes around age 20.

Normally, light enters the eye and gets focused on the retina, traveling through the optic nerve and to the brain, which interprets the signals. People with myopia have either an eyeball that is too long or a cornea that is too curved, causing light to focus improperly on the retina and making faraway objects appear blurry.

There is no definitive answer as to the causes of myopia, but it can be hereditary. Too much time inside focused on near work or using screens is also thought to cause the progression of myopia.

We recommend that parents encourage children to spend time outdoors. Studies suggest that time spent outdoors may reduce the risk of developing nearsightedness.

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